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Till death do us part Till death do us part

Rated 5 / 5 stars

damn dude

i really connected on this one. my dad is just like the man in your movie. i remember one night on particular that he was drunk and his g/f at the time wouldn't put out. he started beating the hell out of her...then he started choking her. i ran in and beat the fuck out of him with the bottom half of a pool cue. i really related to this movie, but it kinda depressed me too though. i ended up spending a little "quality time" with my dad in the county jail that weekend. he was in for abuse and child endagerment, i was in for assault with the intent to cause harm with a weapon. i had to explain to him the next morning why we both there and why he was missing teeth and had a broken nose. he promised to never drink or fight with either of us again..

less than 7 days later he came home 5 hours late, wasted. he got in my face and asked if i was gonna "try that same shit again", then slammed me against the wall. it only took one headbutt right between the eyebrows to knock him out. that was the last day i stayed with him. after that i lived with my mom until i moved out.

anyways, really good movie man. you have exremely good skills. thanks for creating a piece that has actuall meaning and deals with reality. its a good break from the fantasy land of the internet.

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The Secret Speech The Secret Speech

Rated 5 / 5 stars

heheh, 6-violence for picachu's eye, lol!

oh man, that was better than i expected (no offense). and tell chris that i have NEVER heard such excellent speech splicing as he pulled off. definately one of the greatest submissions tO nG in a long time. i hate to, but have to agree with a few people that it still leaves something to desire as far as angles and what not, but like you said, with this style there's not many options. maybe you coulf throw in a few extras, something like the pikachu eye, or maybe some antics going on in the crowd. nonetheless, it was still amazing. congratulations on the award and having a top notch submission man. keep up the good work.

Goat Jedi Goat Jedi

Rated 5 / 5 stars


PRETTY COLORS!!!!!!!!!!!

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Do you? Do you?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

awe, teh <3

i've got teh touch0rz :D

Johnny Rocketfingers Johnny Rocketfingers

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best from ryan yet

Holy shit dude! That was the best game that i've ever played on ng. You've gotta make more.

But first: More "I like to beat things!"!!!!

dude, have u ever thought about re-animating some ren & stimpy shows? not he whole things, but maybe semi-full-length cartoons? If you're interested, i'd be willing to help with writing some original scripts for the shows if you do.

together, we can aid in their REvEnGE!!! And all of the doubting fewels and eeeeediots will cower before: Ryan Khatam!!!

You are a god...wait...correction: The God!
*cowers before the awesome entity that is Ryan*

rock on

¿? the doc